Welding Oven

We provide full range of portable oven, portable holding oven, portable welding oven, welding rod oven. Most of the welding electrodes, particularly the Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrodes may absorb moisture from the atmosphere. If the moisture is excess than the recommended level consistent with the type of flux, the electrodes should be re-dried before use for one hour at 0-250 Deg Celsius, to drive away any absorbed excess moisture from the flux coating. Our welding electrode drying ovens are designed to meet this requirement and are ideal for re-drying of electrodes.

Welding Electrode Drying OvenWe are involved in offering an entire range of Portable Electrode Oven. Our ovens are light and easy to carry and protect to stick electrodes during transfer from the holding oven to the job. The Portable Electrode Drying Ovens we offer are fabricated using superior quality raw material and meet international quality norms. Our portable electrode ovens are highly durable & energy efficient. We offer these ovens as per the specifications and requirements of our clients.

Overall Dimension

115mm X 115mm X 500mm

100mm X 100mm X 550mm

Storage Space

62 X 62 X 450

62X62 X 425

Input Supply

230/240V Single Phase AC,50 HZ

80V DC

Load (Input Power)

500 WATT


Input Current

5 Amps (Approx)

        2 Amps (Approx)


50oC to 300oC

0 to 150oC

Air Circulation

Natural Convection

Natural Convection

Electrode Capacity

5 Kg(Approx)

5 Kg(Approx)


  1. Reliable ovens, which works hour after hour, day after day with the same faithful consistency.
  2. Temperature Control: Provided with thermostat control for precise setting of drying temperature required for various types of electrodes.
  3. Flawless Welds: Totally dry welding consumables yield radiographic quality welds.
  4. Small in size, easily carried to shop floor.
  5. Capacity Available: 5 Kgs and 10 Kgs.

We provide SUNSHINE Make (ISO Approved) drying ovens.

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