Welding Holder

Welding Holder


Welding holder are the ideal for adverse welding conditions such as shipbuilding, fabrication, construction and dockyard. In addition, it is also used in welding in enclosed conditions including vessels.

Backed by proficient engineers, we as suppliers of welding holders specially design the holder for safe and comfortable welding. It helps in providing easy and effective connection of cable to the welding holder. Nonferrous Metallic alloy is used in manufacturing its jaws ensuring of transmission of 100% current to the welding electrode.

We specialize in manufacturing semi insulated electrode holders in conformity with industry standard. The holders efficiently work even in adverse welding conditions including fabrication, shipbuilding, construction and dockyard. It also finds application in welding in enclosed conditions such as vessels.

Based on latest technology, the holders are specially designed for comfortable and safe welding. Easy and effective connection of cable to holder can be offered. Their jaws are developed from Nonferrous Metallic alloy which efficiently transmit 100% current to the electrode.

Welding holders


  • For high conductivity of current (copper/brass) body
  • Current rating up to 600 amps
  • Suitable for electrode dia up to 5 mm
  • Open mouth jaw type
  • Heat resistant insulators for longer life
  • Heavy duty manual arc welding
  • For better cable connection 2 allen screws provided with grip plate in fully insulated
  • For better cable connection 3 bolts are provided with grip plate in semi-insulated.