Welding Helmet

Welding Helmet


An electric arc in any welding process produces brilliant ultra-violet and infrared rays which through invisible, scorch the eyes and skin. For this reason, one should never look at an Arc with naked eyes with in a distance of approx. 50 Feet.Hence, to protect the Welder; a Welding Helmet is required.

Welding HelmetsHead Screen / Welding Helmet:

WELDCOR Welding Helmet is made of Thermo Plastic Resin material. It keeps it light in weight, maintaining good mechanical strength and is fitted with LIFTING WINDOW for fixing filter glasses (Dark & Clear). This window can be lifted upwards and in this way Dark Glass will go upward to give clear vision on the job for any kind of inspection or deslaging the weld. It avoids frequent lifting of whole helmet and so gives the Welder a very smooth and comfortable operation of his work. The head ring fitting (belt) is unbreakable and to give good tilting on forehead and head. The fitting points (knobs) of the belt with the main body of the Screen are so designed to give good tilting operation of the whole screen giving it proper positioning at any angle which is required by a Welder.

Our Welding Helmets are the only helmets which covers the body of the welder from forehead to the chest. As manufacturers, we provide these helmets in best quality to suit the needs of the customer. Since welding helmets are for the safety of the welder, these helmets are made with best possible materials to provide utmost safety.

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