Welding Flux

Flux for Welding And Soldering

We supply a wide range of welding fluxes, which can be put to varied uses. These welding Fluxes consist of mild organic acid or strong inorganic acid which promotes high speed cleaning of
metals with strong surface oxides and are generally used for silver brazing,
phosphorus/copper brazing, solder and aluminum.

As Suppliers and Traders of welding and soldering flux, we make sure that we supply with the best fluxes to our customers. These fluxes are best in quality and are perfect for welding purposes.

Welding Flux for welding and solderingSpecial Features

  • Welding Flux is used for obtaining strong, clean and high tensile brazed joints in brasses, bronzes. It also effectively joins silver and molybdenum
  • It is not recommended for ferrous metals or alloys of high nickel content due to the possibility brittle phosphide formation
  • Flame should be slightly oxidizing on Cu and neutral on Cu alloys
  • The deposit obtained has a high tensile strength

Fluxes Available

  • Rupatam Flux – As a welding, soldering and silver brazing Flux.
  • Brazotectic
  • Alotectic – Used for Welding Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy.
  • Albratectic – Used for Brazing Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy


Extensive employment of the alloy in electrical engineering for joints in motor windings, wires and cables, braided conductor and other conductor assemblies where any risk of corrosion by flux constituents must be avoided.

We cater to your needs for Welding Fluxes under the Brand name of ALFA and ESAB ( Rupatam Flux ) make Fluxes.

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