TIG and MIG Accessories

Tig And Mig Accessories


Apart from the products such as Electrodes, Welding Wires, Helmets and Cables, we also provide Tig and Mig Accessories which have an equal importance in the welding industry.


Nozzel Tips

Nozzles play an important part in the MIG welding process. These components are responsible for directing the shielding gas to the weld pool and protecting it from contamination. Without proper gas flow, the final weldment can be prone to problems like excessive spatter and porosity that cause downtime for rework.Also, having the wrong nozzle for an application can cause overheating and lead to premature consumable failure.

Welding Nozzle Tips


Hence, we at Kailaji Alloys provide with the best Welding Nozzle Tips which are best in durability and sustainability.


Nozzel Gel

Semicon Nozzle Gel

Nozzel Gels are used to lubricate & resist spatter while Mig welding.  Nozzle Gel creates an anti-spatter film that will not clog orifices & threads.  It eliminates erratic operation.  Dip your hot gun nozzle into Nozzle Gel & repeat as required.

Our Nozzle Gel is suitable for use on fixtures of semi-automatic & automatic welding equipment.  It is non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, & Silicone Free.

We provide with the best quality Nozzle Gel.


Mig Torch:

Mig Torch

A welding torch is used in an automatic welding system to direct the welding electrode into the arc, to conduct welding power to the electrode, and to provide shielding of the arc area. There are many types of welding torches,  and the choice depends on the welding process, the welding process variation, welding current, electrode size and shielding medium.

Welding torches can be categorized according to the way in which they are cooled. They may be water-cooled with circulating cooling water or air-cooled with ambient air. A torch can be used for a consumable electrode welding process such as gas metal arc or flux cored arc welding, and shielding gas may or may not be employed.

The flame is moved along the surface of both metals, essentially melting them together and forming a strong bond. The MIG welding torch is the more common type, and it uses oxygen, gas and fire to meld two metals together.

We at Kailaji Alloys provide with the best quality MIG torch for sustainability and durability.

Other Tig Accessories:


  1. Long Cap
  2. Collet
  3. Short Cap
  4. TIG Torch

Long Cap Collet Short Cap Tig Torch


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