Semicon Ink

Semicon Ink / Semi – Conductive Liquid (Ink)

Semicon Ink or Semi Conductive Liquid is a semi-conducting compound useful in preventing E.M.I. (Electromagnetic interference). Semicon ink can act as a conductive compound to avoid static electricity build up.


Semicon InkSemicon Ink is available in brushable/sprayable consistency. Before applying the compound, the surface should first be cleaned with a degreasing solvent like trichloro ethylene etc. In case of epoxy moulded components, the surface should be cleaned with a fine emery sheet followed by a degreasing solvent. This will enhance adhesion on the surface. Semicon can now be coated on the surface.

Properties :

Color Black
Viscosity 50 CPS (variable)
Consistency Brushable/Sprayable
Volume resistivity Conductive/Semi, Conductive/Anti Static Ranges
Density 1.45
Skin Drying Time 15 minutes @ 29°C RT.
Full Drying Time 45 minutes @ 29°C RT.
Adhesion Peelable or scratch resistant ranges

Application :

Useful in power cable joints, electric and electronic circuitry development, transformer, protective fabric and pads.

Packing :

Available in 10ml, 100ml & 1 ltr. packing.
5 ml in blister