Conductive Paint

Condutive Paint 

PYROLAC is a color changing type Temperature Indicating Compound or Conductive Paint. The compound is suspended in a quick drying inert vehicle. It is non-flammable. PYROLAC is available from 75°C to 475°C. PYROLAC’s are lead and sulfur free.

How to Use

Apply a thin coat of PYROLAC by brush to the work piece before heating begins. The mark dries and upon heating changes to a specific color depending upon the temperature rating of the initial mark. For example : The compound rated for 75°C is rose in color and changes to blue color when heated upto 75°C. The accuracy range is + or – 1%


PYROLAC is suitable for a variety of substances such as polished metal glass. XLPE, PE, PVC, NYLON, RUBBER, FABRICS, ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS etc. PYROLAC can be supplied in a hard film forming type which has good scratch resistance to that of a easily peelable film formulation.

Some Typical End Application
Conductive Paint

  1. Pre heat temperature for wave soldering.
  2. Post forming plastic laminate.
  3. Annealing of polished metal surface.

Available Ranges (in °C)


PYROLAC is available in 1 ltr. and 5 ltr. And 35 ltr. packing. We also provide with customized specifications as per customer needs.

Sample Specification for Pyrolac suitable for Heat shrink cable joint Kits

1 Intial Colour Green
2 Dried Colour Green
3 Transition Temperature without Time Response. 250°C
4 Temperature Test At 150°C for 30 Minutes No colour change observed
5 At 250°C for 5 minutes Black
6 Consistency Sprayable / Brushable
7 Drying Time 15 Minutes at 30°C
8 Viscosity (Ford cup No.4) 21 Seconds
9 Shelf Life 12 Months from the date of Manufacture.
10 Coverage Area 90 – 100 Sq. feet per litre
11 Application Mix the content well before use.

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