Chromopens – Colour Changing Crayons

Surface Temperature Indicating Crayons That Change Color At Predetermined Temperatures Directions For Use: Select a Chromopen and mark it on the surface where the temperature is to be monitored. If the color of the mark changes to that of the wrapper color then the surface has reached the related temperature. The above color change occurs within 2 seconds of application. If no color change occurs then the surface temperature is lower than that rated for the Chromopen.


Product Advantages :

  •  Can be used on stationary or moving parts.
  •  Marks well on smooth surfaces like glass. (when warm)
  •  Can be used by unskilled workers.

Application :

  •  Welding : Determining of pre-heat and post heat temperatures.
  •  Glass Industry : Annealing temperatures, bulb temperature.
  •  Plastic : Mould temperature.
  •  Ceramic : Firing temperature of ceramic, pottery wares etc.

Range in °C :

100 120 150 200
250 300 350 400 475

Size :ø7 * 77mm

Accuracy : ± 1% of rated temperature.

Packing :One box of 12 crayons * Does not contain lead or sulfur

Chromopens are available in liquid formulations also. Conversion °F = (°C * 9/5) + 32