Temperature Indicators


Temperature Indicators

The Temperature Indicators are made available in 120 different temperature ratings systematically spaced between 40°C to 1200 °C as per the customer needs. The crayon length would be 125mm and will be supplied in proper casing with a adjustable cap for holding of chalk/crayon.


Simple to use; mark on the surface of metal or sheet with the required Crayon. Once the surface reaches the rated temperature of the crayon, the mark would melt and show liquid smear appearance. The colour of the crayon is only an indication and will not have any role while marking or on its performance.

Temperature Indicators

Our Range of Temperature Indicators


User Industries


The following industries normally use Temperature Indicator Crayons

  • Welding industries (during pre-welding, inter-pass, and post welding)
  • Annealing ,Foundries
  • Oil refineries, Aluminium refineries
  • Iron and Steel making industries, Glass industries,
  • Rail wheel factories, Heat treatment industries
  • Plastic manufacturing industries
  • Rubber industries , Textile mills
  • Ceramic industries, Chemical industries etc

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