Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten is the only metal that can meet the high physical and mechanical requirements. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, a low vapor pressure, low thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity and a low electron work function.

Tungsten Welding Electrodes are widely used because they make good welds and are long lasting and quite easy to use. A thoriated tungsten electrode operates at a temperature well below its melting temperature compared to a pure tungsten electrode. This results in a much lower rate of consumption of the electrode during welding, which eliminates much of the “arc wander” associated with balled pure tungsten. Other reasons for their use include easier arc initiation, reduced weld metal contamination, higher current- carrying capacity, the ability to sharpen the electrode, and long life.

Tungsten Electrode

Name of material Chemical composition (percentage by weight)
W (pure) > 99.97
WT WT20 2.0 % ThO2
WLZ 2.5 % La2O3 / 0.07 % ZrO2
WL WL10 1.0 % La2O3
WL15 1.5 % La2O3
WL20 2.0 % La2O3

All variety of Tungsten Electrode are packed 10pcs.

We cater to your welding requirements of Tungsten Welding Electrodes in the form of Winner Tungsten Welding Electrodes and Plansee Tungsten Welding Electrodes

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