Copper Welding Cables

Copper Welding Cables

Shree Kailaji Alloys Pvt Ltd, offers a vide range of Copper Welding Cables for various purposes. As manufacturers of Copper Welding Cables, we provide Welding Cable that is made of high grade copper ensuring excellent conductivity. These Welding Cables are ISI marked and thus are designed to meet the set international quality standards.

Further, these cables are available at affordable prices. We also have authorized dealers and suppliers of cables in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi and many more cities.

More About Copper Cables

A copper cable consists of two or more copper wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly. Electrical cables may be made more flexible by stranding the wires.Copper Welding Cable

Copper wires in a copper cable may be bare or they may be plated to reduce oxidation with a thin layer of another metal, most often tin but sometimes gold or silver. Plating may lengthen wire life and makes soldering easier. Twisted Pair and coaxial cables are made to reject electromagnetic interference, prevent radiation of signals, and to provide transmission lines with defined characteristics. Shielded cables are encased in foil or wire mesh.

Technical Specification

Conductor Area (mm2) No. & Dia of Wires (mm) Current Rating Maximum Duty Cycle of 60% (Amps) Nominal Thickness of Covering (mm) Max. DC Resistance of Conductor at 20o C (ohms/km) Voltage Drop
25 354/0.3 186 129 2.0 1.23 1.574 1.427
35 495/0.3 227 159 2.0 0.901 1.153 1.045
50 708/0.3 287 200 2.2 0.634 0.811 0.735
70 999/0.3 361 253 2.4 0.445 0.570 0.516
95 1351/0.3 438 306 2.6 0.334 0.428 0.387
120 1702/0.3 522 365 2.8 0.256 0.328 0.297

We cater to your welding requirements of Copper Welding Cables in the form of Keshav Welding Cables and Weldcor Cables in India

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