Rubber Hose Pipe

Rubber Hose Pipe – The Product

Wires are drawn from high quality raw material “Wire bar of MMTC”. Then rope lay stranded, soft annealed to get maximum flexibility, polyster tape is used as a separator. Finally insulated with an extra tough, abrasion-proof rubber jacket of high tensile strength.

As manufacturers of Rubber Hose Pipes, we provide our customers with best quality cables so as to enable sustainability, durability and resistance. We are proud to mention, the laboratory test results revealed that our products are exceeding the requirements of specifications laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards

Rubber Hose Pipe

When Welding, heating & cutting operations are done with oxygen acetylene flame, the gases are carried to the required equipment from different gas storage and cylinders with the help of rubber hose. The hose used should be light as in consistent with strength and durability and it must be nonporous to prevent loss of valuable gases.

Keshav Hoses embodies the very best in engineering. These are carefully made of laboratory tested materials for the kind of ruggedness that keep it on the job longer and save your money.


The lining of hoses consist of a good quality rubber compound and is reinforced with firmly and evenly braided synthetic rubberized yarn. The lining is seamless and uniform in thickness, smooth in bore concentric and free porosity, air blisters and any other visible defects.

Hose intended for conveying oxygen is blue (As per IS:447-1988) and that for acetylene is red, but both kinds are of same grade and construction.


  • The delivery pressure of Keshav Hose is remarkably stable besides changes in flow rate, temperature and other conditions. They are rugged in design and safety is an important aspect of superior performance.
  • Keshav Welding Hose is made strictly as per IS:447-1988. All operations are inspected frequently during every stage of manufacturing. Finished product is carefully tested to make sure that they meet the specification for bursting pressure, tensile strength, elongation, adhesion strength test etc.

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