Nickel Alloy

Nickel Alloys are valuable in many industries for their resistance to corrosion and their retention of strength as well as other mechanical properties in extreme temperatures. Nickel alloys are used today to provide cleaner and safer transportation, clean food and water, reduced emissions to air and water, more durable products, clean and renewable energy, and efficient shipping and communications. It has become known as an “enviro-metal.”

Uses of Nickel Alloys

Whether in the form of element or alloy with other metals, Nickel materials have made significant contributions to present-day society. Nickel alloys have good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Nickel alloys are used for a wide variety of applications like aircraft gas turbines, nuclear power systems and widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries. Several nickel alloys are used in control equipments to determine and control electrical characteristics.

Products in Nickel Alloy

  • ER-Ni1
  • ER-NiCr3
  • ER-NiCu7
  • ER-NiCrMO10
  • ER-NiCrMO3
  • ER-NiCrMO4/ Hest Alloy

Packaging Details

Description Packing Length (mm) Size (mm) Weight
TIG Rods Corrogated Box 1000 4.0, 3.15, 2.5, 2.0, 1.6 5 Kgs
MIG Wire Plastic Spools 1.6, 1.2, 0.8 12.5 Kgs.
SAW Wire Metal 4.0, 3.15, 2.5 25Kgs

We cater to your welding requirements of Nickel Alloys in the form of Alfa Nickel Alloys.

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