Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium alloys with a wide range of properties are used in engineering structures. Selecting the right alloy for a given application entails considerations of its tensile strength, density, ductility, malleability, workability, weldability, and corrosion resistance, to name a few.

Uses of Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium when combined with other metals gives strength and specific characteristics for a particular use. Aluminium alloys are extensively used in the production of automotive engine parts. The huge array of quality Aluminium is used in various applications like transport, packaging, electrical application, medicine, and construction of homes and furniture. The high altitude flying is not possible without the huge pressures and stresses involved in the strong aluminum alloys.

Products in Aluminium Alloy

  • 5% Silicon ER 4043 / NG 21
  • 12% Silicon ER 4047 / NG 2
  • 5% Magnesium – ER 5356 / NG 6
  • Pure Aluminium ER 1100 / AL 1B

Packaging Details

Description Packaging Length (mm) Size (mm) Weight
TIG Rods Corrugated Box 1000 3.2, 2.4, 2.0, 1.6 5 Kgs
MIG Wire Plastic Spools 1.6, 1.2, 0.8 Aluminium – 6 Kgs

We supply only ISO certified Aluminum Alloy.

We cater to your welding requirements of Aluminum Alloys in the form of Alfa Welding Aluminum Alloys and FSH Aluminum Alloys.

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