Stainless Steel Electrodes

Esab Stainless Steel Electrodes

We provide Stainless Steel Electrodes. Following are the ranges for the same.

esab ss electrode, stainless steel electrode

Brand AWS Application
OK 61.50 A5.4: E 308-16 OK 61.50 finds extensive use in fabrication of austenitic stainless steels of 18Cr 8Ni type corresponding to AISI types 301, 304 and 308.
OK 61.30 A5.4: E 308L-16 OK 61.30 is especially designed for welding austenitic stainless steels corresponding to AISI 304L, 304, 308L, 308,
ESAB 304B A5.4: E 308L-15 ESAB 304B is mainly used for welding stainless steels having a corresponding chemistry with high ductility and high impact values at low temperature cryogenic
OK 61.80 A5.4: E 347-16 OK 61.80 finds extensive application for welding of stabilised version of 19Cr/10Ni type steels corresponding to AISI 321 & 347
ESAB 308H A5.4: E 308H-16 Esab 308H finds wide use in the fabrication of components made out of AIS 308H type steels that are used for their high tensile strength
OK 63.30 A5.4: E 316L-16 OK 63.30 is especially designed for the welding of 18Cr/13Ni/Mo type steels corresponding to AISI 316 and 316L, 317 type stainless steels.
OK 63.35 A 5.4: E 316L-15 OK 63.35 is mainly used for welding stainless steels having a corresponding analysis, but can also be used for welding certain air hardening steels
OK 63.80 A5.4: E 318-16 OK 63.80 is especially designed for the welding of Ti and Nb stabilized stainless steels with similar base composition corresponding to AISI 316 and 318 types.
OK 67.67 A 5.4: E 309-16 OK 67.67 is designed for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures upto 1100°C; for e.g. welding of heat resistant chrome steels
ESAB 309 A 5.4: E 309-15 ESAB 309 is specially designed for the welding of AISI 309 type steels, straight chrome steels dissimilar steels
OK 67.60 A 5.4: E 309L-16 OK 67.60 is essentially used for welding heat resistant straight Chrome steels and Cr-Ni alloyed steels
OK67.70 A 5.4: E 309Mo-16 OK 67.70 is especially designed for welding of acid resisting clad steels and stainless steels to other types of steels
ESAB 309Mo A 5.4: E 309Mo-15 ESAB 309Mo is especially suitable for welding of stainless steels where better toughness is required compared to the rutile based electrodes of the same class.
ESAB 309LMo A 5.4: E 309LMo-15 ESAB 309LMo is used for the welding of 316 type clad steels as well as for joining and as a buffer layer in welding of dissimilar metals
ESAB 430 A 5.4: E 430-15 ESAB 430 is designed for welding AISI 430 stainless steels and steels with similar composition.
ESAB CHROMWELD G Chromweld G is specially designed for welding of High strength steels of unknown omposition and also suitable as a cushioning layer prior to hard surfacing.
ESAB CHROMWELD G (Spl) ESAB Chromweld G Special is designed for welding of high strength alloy steel and dissimilar joints.

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