Pipe Welding Electrodes

ESAB – Pipe Welding Electrodes

We are suppliers and traders of Pipe Welding Electrodes. We supply ESAB make Pipe welding electrodes.

esab pipe welding electrode
PipeWeld Electrodes are designed for site welding of carbon steel pipes and pipelines in all positions using conventional techniques particularly for root run. It can be used where stringent NDT requirement and testing codes are involved.

Following are the classified items under Pipe Welding Electrode.

Brand AWS
Pipeweld 6010R A5.1: E6010
Pipeweld 6010 Plus A5.1: 6010
Ok 22.46 P A5.5 : E7010-G
Ok 22.47 P A5.5 : E8010-G
Pipeweld 6011 A5.1 : E6011

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