Low Alloy Electrodes

Low Alloy Electrode

Our range for Low alloy electrodes are as follows.

Brand AWS Code Application
OK 48.08 A5.5: E 7018-G OK 48.08 is especially designed for the welding of low alloy steels such as steels containing up to 1% Nickel and also for structures to withstand low temperatures.
OK 73.08 A5.5: E 8018 G Designed for welding of weather proof steel, ship’s hull, ice – breaker and similar applications.
OK 74.46 A5.5: E7018-A 1 OK 74.46 is especially designed for the welding of 0.5% Mo and similar creep resistant steels.
OK 76.18 A5.5: E 8018-B2 OK 76.18 is specially used to the welding of 1.25 Cr 0.5 Mo and similar creep resistant steels which fi nd extensive use in high temperature components
ESAB 8018 – B2 A 5.5 E 8018 – B2
ESAB 8018 – D3 A5.5: E 8018-D3
ESAB 98 A5.5: E 9018-M ESAB 98 fi nds extensive use in pressure vessels, piping, penstock, earth moving equipment, machinery parts, automobile parts,
ESAB 120 A5.5: E 12018-M Used for steels with a yield point of upto 740 N/mm2. The electrode is intended for welding low alloy high strength structural steel
ESAB 130 A5.5: E 13018-G Recommended for welding very high strength steels like XABO-90
FERROWELD W A5.5: E 7018-W1 ESAB Ferroweld W is designed for the welding of high tensile steels, Steels of Similar composition

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