Carbon Steel Electrodes – ESAB

We, at Kailaji Alloys are suppliers and traders of ESAB Welding Electrodes. One of the most used products of ESAB are Carbon Steel Electrodes. They have been classified under the AWS Classification of 6013 and 7018 Electrodes.

Esab Welding electrode ferroamb esab 36H esab 28

Following are the ranges of our Carbon Steel Electrodes.

  • Esab Ferroamb
  • Esab 36H
  • Esab 28
  • Esab Ferroarc
  • Esab Ferrospeed
  • Esab Vortic
  • Esab Vordian


AWS Code


ESAB Ferrospeed

A5.1 : E 6012

Chimney, machine building, repair-jobs, shaft reclamation, ship building, steel furniture and frameworks, storage tanks, bus and truck bodies, cement mills, rolling mills etc

ESAB Ferroarc

A5.1 : E 6013

Ideally suited for structural welding, welding of pipe sockets, general welding fabrication, etc.

ESAB Ferrospeed plus

A5.1 : E 6013

ESAB FERROSPEED PLUS is recommended in applications such as bogies and under-frame of railway carriages and wagons, chimney, construction engineering job, pipe welding, sheet metal fabrication.

ESAB Vortic

AS.1 : E 6013

ESAB VORTIC is recommended for applications such as bogies and under frames of railway carriages and wagons, boilers and pressure vessels, general engineering constructions, pipe welding etc.


A5.1 : E 6013

It is recommended for welding structures of varying thickness of MS plates in different type of joints and welding ordinary grade ship steel as well as structural steel of similar strength and composition.

ESAB Vordian

A5.1 : E 6013

ESAB VORDIAN is recommended for applications such as boiler and pressure vessels, bogies and under frame of railway carriages and wagons, bridges and dam construction, cranes, machine building, plate and sheet metal fabrication, ship construction, framework, tankages, pipes, etc.


A5.1: E 7018

ESAB 36H is ideally suited for welding boiler quality and pressure vessel steels and heavy structures as well as pipes, tankages, etc.

ESAB 36 H (Spl)

A5.1: E 7018-1

ESAB 36H (SPL) is ideal for welding of fi ne grained carbon manganese steels and medium tensile steels having UTS of 50-58 Kgf/mm2 and is recommended for welding of pressure vessels etc.

ESAB Vortex – 1

A5.1 : E6013

Boilers and pressure vessels, shipbuilding and heavy structurals.


We at Kailaji Alloys provide authorized and approved ESAB Electrodes. We are the suppliers of all kinds of ESAB Welding Products.

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