About Us

One of the most recognized names in the Welding Industry today, Shree Kailaji Alloys Pvt Ltd, established its operations in India in 1975 focusing on the Imports and Supply of welding consumables in India to Welding Industry. Shree Kailaji Alloys Pvt Ltd has become the leading manufacturer of Welding Products and Accessories for the Industrial and Welding Markets. Using the best manufacturing techniques, we, at Kailaji Alloys provide best services focusing on customer satisfaction.

Leveraging on our rich vendor base, we trade in a wide variety of welding equipment’s to meet the requirement of our domestic as well as global clients. Our range includes Low Heat Gas Welding Rods and Foils, Tig Filler Wires and Mig Filler Wires. We are Authorized Distributors of Mangalam Electrodes, Keshav Welding Cables, Hose Pipes, Silver Brazing Alloys, Silver Copper Phosphorous Brazing Alloys, Copper Based Brazing Alloys, Nickel Based Alloys and S.S. Tig & Mig Wires.

In India, we have our dealer network across all major towns and cities through its own offices and distribution network. With our branch office located in Vadodara, we can cater to our client’s query in the most efficient and within the shortest time frame. Over the years, we have been actively engaged in the trade of allied equipment by acknowledging the discerning demand of welding and cutting machines across the international market. Thus noticing the requirement of our products in the market, we ensure that we also offer our clients with excellent after sale support as well.

With relentless commitment to quality, consistent dedication to customer satisfaction and unparalleled standards of service, Kailaji Alloys has created a benchmark for quality welding products in India.With brand names such as Mangalam Welding, Keshav Welding Cables and FSH Group (France), Kailaji Alloys has established itself as a value leader across its various product categories in Welding Industry.

Our team of professionals provides our customers with the best possible solution in order to meet their specific requirements.In lines with our vision we strive to have a people oriented approach and focus our service to reduce the gap between Quality and Effective utilization of resources.

Kailaji Alloys views its customers as the key ingredient to extend their reach to the maximum level. All products are designed with utmost care for the safety of the buyer and which help gain a sense of trust and loyalty with the company.

The Company believes in providing the most suitable options with an honest outlook to ensure that the heights of excellence are achieved.